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What is the meaning of heterosexual in Hindi?

Meaning of heterosexual in Hindi is : विषमलिंगकामी

Definition of word heterosexual

  • Sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. (adjective)
  • A heterosexual person, or other heterosexual organism. (noun)

Examples of word heterosexual

    • As an analogy, would you agree that a person who self-identifies as a heterosexual and honestly admits to being attracted to the opposite sex (think chest-pounding male) has the propensity to engage in heterosexual acts?
    • "There are people who have never heard the word 'heterosexual,'" Dr. Sell says.
    • She notes, for example, that the word "heterosexual" didn't come into use until a little over a century ago.
    • Yeah, because children never engage in heterosexual child sex play.
    • MSM are very vulnerable to being infected with HIV and are more likely to transmit it than those engaging solely in heterosexual relationships.
    • I don't know if there is any redemption in heterosexual love here but you see a woman and a man making love.
    • So when you have your hypothetical motel, do you ask all comers if they engage in heterosexual sodomy, and whether they plan to do so?
    • Even among the Modern American Conservatives, a tribe not known for its self-awareness, no young man claiming to be heterosexual is going to publish a memoir where finding out a potential sexual partner has taken intelligent precautions against pregnancy is a boner-killer.