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What is the meaning of hesitant in Hindi?

Meaning of hesitant in Hindi is : हिचकिचाता हुआ

Definition of word hesitant

  • Tending to hesitate, wait, or proceed with caution or reservation. (adjective)

Examples of word hesitant

  • He glanced at me, his expression hesitant, as if uncertain of how I would react to what he was about to reveal, I gave a nod.
  • All over the country recession-weary businesses remain hesitant to spend cash trying to pump up sales, but signs of recovery are popping up all over.
  • Some market participants were described as hesitant to buy around current levels, waiting for a further pullback as a bargain-hunting opportunity.
  • So if you get a victim that ` s hesitant, that is reliant [SIC] to come forward, that is reliant [SIC] to cooperate with investigators and you have a district attorney ` s office that says, "Well, she ` s not cooperative; she ` s being unreliable right now," it very well could take that long.
  • The press-agents and orators popularized the war with the unthinking and the hesitant, which is proof enough to me that we lack national unity and a definite national policy.


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