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What is the meaning of hemorrhage in Hindi?

Meaning of hemorrhage in Hindi is : शोणितस्त्राव

Definition of word hemorrhage

  • Alternative spelling of haemorrhage. (noun)
  • Alternative spelling of haemorrhage. (verb)

Examples of word hemorrhage

    • Now, Johnson, a 61-year-old Democrat who battled back from a December 2006 brain hemorrhage, is running for re-election in a GOP-dominated state where President Bush won 60% of the vote in 2000 and 2004. 50
    • According to UsMagazine. com, Tish and rocker Bret Michaels (yes, the one with the brain hemorrhage and sketchy Billboard cover) were involved in an "on-the-sly romance" that began in February when Michaels and Cyrus released the duet "Nothing to Lose."
    • How medics respond to that condition is the second big innovation in hemorrhage care.
    • Michaels: If before the brain hemorrhage I was 100 percent, then I'd say I'm running at 75 to 80 percent now.
    • Dad had a brain hemorrhage due to the head injury he had sustained and as a result, was in coma for several days.
    • Children's Hospital doctors, working with The Technology Dependence Center (TDC) team, diagnosed Connor with multiple medical problems, including an airway that was prone to collapse, underdeveloped lungs, a seizure disorder, severe gastric reflux, bilateral brain hemorrhage and developmental delays.
    • Five days later, it was discovered that he had a brain hemorrhage and will no longer be able to bobsled.