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What is the meaning of help in Hindi?

Meaning of help in Hindi is : सेविका

Definition of word help

  • Action given to provide assistance; aid. (noun)
  • A person or persons who provide assistance with some task. (noun)
  • One or more people employed to help in the maintenance of a house or the operation of a farm or enterprise. (noun)
  • Correction of deficits, as by psychological counseling or medication or social support or remedial training. (noun)
  • To provide assistance to (someone or something). (verb)
  • To contribute in some way to. (verb)
  • To provide assistance. (verb)
  • To avoid; to prevent; to refrain from; to restrain (oneself). Usually used in nonassertive contexts with can. (verb)

Examples of word help

  • It sounds to me like you also need help - not just meds, but someone to *help*.
  • “Then help me, princess, ” cried Theseus; “help me to come to the Minotaur and look upon it, and help me, too, to get back the sword that I brought with me to Crete.
  • DonÂ’t urge me; help me, —help me, because I love you.
  • I have taken a new name in part, and with my bride's help, I hope to _help_ you more than I formerly _hindered_ you, to keep the rules of the Try
  • ` Massa, shall I help you? 'and you say, ` Yes, you must _help_ me.'


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