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What is the meaning of heaving in Hindi?

Meaning of heaving in Hindi is : उत्थान

Definition of word heaving

  • Present participle of heave. (verb)
  • crowded with people (adjective)
  • An occasion on which something heaves or is heaved (noun)

Examples of word heaving

  • "That's what we call heaving the log, Miss Garden," said the master, who had been explaining the use of the log, though in not quite so succinct
  • Quite unconsciously the brooding anxiety of the afternoon slipped from Sheldon, and he felt strangely cheered at the sight of her running up the steps laughing, face flushed, hair flying, her breast heaving from the violence of her late exertions.
  • "Saturday Night Live" has, since its earliest days, shamelessly flirted with bad taste -- and sometimes taken a wicked delight in heaving itself over the line, rather than just tiptoeing up to it.
  • This time I remained aloft, and Wolf Larsen succeeded in heaving to without being swept.
  • The heaving is one of the mass beneath, and comes in voluminous rolls as of hills in motion; on the surface of these are the waves, that, far as the eye can reach, take a sharp, angular, spiral form, till the whole resembles an army of spear-heads in motion.
  • We had cut away our mast, and lightened the boat of all she contained -- Clara attempted to assist me in heaving the water from the hold, and, as she turned her eyes to look on the lightning, I could discern by that momentary gleam, that resignation had conquered every fear.
  • On this occasion I went over the hillside farm, and the same thing happened; the Germans spent most of the night in heaving shrapnel and high-explosive gas shells into us, and at dawn they dropped one of the heaviest protective barrages for their own men that I have ever seen them start, but they were not quite on to the game our boys had played, because half an hour before, our men, with the companies that were supporting them, crept out into No Man's Land as close up to the German trenches as they could get with any degree of safety, so that when the Germans dropped their barrage on the front line there was nobody there but the wounded.
  • Myers explained, “The only way that the Afghan people are going to be successful in heaving the terrorist network out of their country is to be successful against” that portion of Taliban and the Taliban leadership that are so closely linked to the al-Qaida.”