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What is the meaning of heaves in Hindi?

Meaning of heaves in Hindi is :

Definition of word heaves

  • Plural form of heave. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of heave. (verb)

Examples of word heaves

    • The term heaves is applied almost wholly to an emphysematous condition of the lungs.
    • The current is turned on at a signal from the Warden, and the assassin heaves heavily as though the straps would break.
    • September stopped, his breath coming in short heaves.
    • The discussion covered a number of areas, including the pathophysiology of recurrent airway obstruction (RAO, also called heaves) and its diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
    • Your "heaves" are at best misguided, but more likely I suspect just disingenuous.
    • Horses affected with "heaves" show a double contraction of the muscles in the region of the flank during expiration.
    • In some localities where the frost "heaves" the sod to any extent during the winter, it will be advantageous to roll it down in the spring with a heavy roller, doing it just after a heavy rain.
    • It will bring out the characteristic symptoms of "heaves" if he has been "doped."
    • Still another had the "heaves" so badly that its breathing could be heard twenty rods away.