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What is the meaning of heaped in Hindi?

Meaning of heaped in Hindi is : चयित

Definition of word heaped

  • In a heap. (adjective)
    ढेर में।
  • Simple past tense and past participle of heap. (verb)

Examples of word heaped

    • Recognizing her debt, Palin heaped praise on McLeod.
    • Sarah Dash, who announced, "I'm just happy to be up here in these pumps because two years ago I could not walk ..." remained the less outlandish of the three while Patti stayed with her traditionally puffy garb of late, outfits befitting the "High Priestess of Soul" title heaped upon her by so many.
    • Sacramento's 18 offensive rebounds were just about the only facet of the game Johnson didn't like - and he again heaped praise on Howard, who's getting attention as a possible All-Star in his third NBA season.
    • One Coreopsis Golden Banner is a sight to see, like a great gold mountain heaped in the middle of the garden.
    • The great, dusk attic at the top of the house was entirely fitted up with enormous bins, like a wine-cellar, each bin heaped high with a separate kind of toy, all in plain wood, waiting for the painter.
    • Inexplicably, McCain heaped praise on his host’s values.
    • With a sudden pang, he recalled the heaped baskets of food that Olikea had used to bring me, and how skilfully she had prepared and balanced the feasts.
    • The fellow's insolence, the honorifics bestowed on Jisuké, the vile terms heaped on himself, showed the secure ground on which Jisuké stood in his full knowledge of events.
    • One morning in June, 1589, the space within the main gate of the Juraku palace was seen to be occupied throughout a length of nearly three hundred yards with gold and silver coins heaped up on trays each containing one hundred and fifty pieces.