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What is the meaning of heap in Hindi?

Meaning of heap in Hindi is : ढ़ेर

Definition of word heap

  • A crowd; a throng; a multitude or great number of people. (noun)
    एक भीड़; एक भीड़; भीड़ या बड़ी संख्या में लोग।
  • To pile in a heap. (verb)
    ढेर में ढेर करना।

Examples of word heap

    • Of Sinners 'tis said, _They heap up wrath; _ and the sinners of the Last Generations do not only add unto the _heap_ of sin that has been pileing up ever since the Fall of man, but they Interest themselves in every sin of that enormous heap.
    • The slush pile, she explained, showing dimples, was what they called the heap of unsolicited manuscripts that dropped through their letter-box day by day.
    • Their name for hundred is 'yha,' which means 'heap' -- that is, a heap of cowries.
    • This jaw-dropping heap is the Hyatt Aqualea, a 17-story, 268-unit luxury condo-hotel that opened in February, the last of the Clearwater Beach megaprojects to come on line over the past decade.
    • Top of the heap is China who executed at least 1,010 people from a population of 1.321 billion - that's a rate almost five times that of the USA.
    • If, as most believe, the Referendum says 'no' to independence, the Nationalist fox will have been well and truly shot (sorry, subjected to 'exempt hunting'); if it says 'yes' then GB is in heap big trouble.
    • Next, a zesty seasoning mixture of ground chiles, ginger, garlic and green onions, plus other condiments (eg; dried fish or shrimp, for those that like that sort of thing) are added, and the whole heap is left to mature.
    • At the top of the dung heap is the ECB's chief, Frenchman Jean-Claude Trichet who is calling for "strong vigilance" to stop inflation lodging in the system, and signalling an interest rate rise to 3 percent in August by calling for a full meeting of governors, instead of the usual summer teleconference.