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What is the meaning of healthiness in Hindi?

Meaning of healthiness in Hindi is : स्वस्थता

Definition of word healthiness

  • The state or quality of being healthy. (noun)
  • The product or result of being healthy. (noun)

Examples of word healthiness

    • Spanish healthiness is predicated on eating lots and lots of garlic and olive oil, plus lots of wonderful seafood like pulpo and cigallas, and drinking plenty of red wine with it.
    • Thanks, also, to an almost unchangeable good temper, the result of moral healthiness, which is itself the result of a well-balanced mind, and of tolerably good bodily health, I have been able to indulge in a quiet philosophy, which finds expression either in grateful optimism or playful irony.
    • Wealthy parents, seeing little peasant boys and girls playing about in the open air only half-clothed, and joining with this fact the general healthiness of labouring people, draw the unwarrantable conclusion that the healthiness is the result of the exposure, and resolve to keep their own offspring scantily covered!
    • This "healthiness" was evident in the fact that she enjoyed literature that avoided talking about the harsh reality of life; that her playing the piano was devoid of any deep feelings; and even in that she was far from being sentimental.
    • There was almost a kind of healthiness about her hatred, based as it was on deep-rooted feelings, knowing no caution and no fear.


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