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What is the meaning of healthcare in Hindi?

Meaning of healthcare in Hindi is :

Definition of word healthcare

  • Alternative spelling of health care. (noun)

Examples of word healthcare

  • MFGs moves there since the cost of healthcare is not in the products they produce which is true for the rest fo the world all with sngle payer healthcare­ .. which is what we need here. % 2BbsMJWINF6bOJuxB%2FhS%2F%2B6liddOeSLn%2BG2%2BFcVkBehYZAQYqrbgnlNFbtInF5M5%2BOBIEKXPz%2FseDifetIxDHK1hYg0wMU0FG
  • We need to get these people on board to the idea that profit in healthcare is incompatible with the concept of "doing no harm" which is part of some oath SOME people in medicine take.
  • The only way to permanently provide the poor with the very best in healthcare is to redistribute income, and also stop advances in healthcare.
  • So any improvement in healthcare is a good one, and do not kid yourself that insuring the un-insured will not cost more money.
  • The importance of information to quality in healthcare is examined and an analysis of the role of the international standard ISO 9001: 2000 in supporting data, information and knowledge management is conducted.


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