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What is the meaning of health in Hindi?

Meaning of health in Hindi is : स्वास्थ्य

Definition of word health

  • A state of well-being or balance, often physical but sometimes also mental and social; the overall level of function of an organism from the cellular (micro) level to the social (macro) level. (noun)

Examples of word health

  • You might be interested in health taxonomies. taxonomies ~health finds healthcare, medicine, medical.
  • And while the health vertical online is quite competitive, many of the names in the segment are not well known to consumers because of the occasional nature of “health search.
  • -- 'Be careful to let no fretting injure your health as I have suffered it -- health is the greatest of blessings -- with _health_ and
  • Never fear the toil to her: exercise is good for health; and without _health_ there is _no beauty_; a sick beauty may excite pity, but pity is a short-lived passion.
  • IBM buys firm that serves health-care industry - Chicago Tribune kumarworld21 IBM buys firm that serves health-care industry | IBM Corp. said Wednesday it is buying Initiate Systems, a .. luckyhendrik #health IBM buys firm that serves health-care industry: By Wailin Wong Tribune reporter IBM Corp. said Wednesday i ... noetical Nancy Pelosi's new health care plan
  • Now if I want to find everything I have tagged under health and social networking, all I need to do is search for to: +health or to: +socialnetworking and bingo, the article turns up.