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What is the meaning of heal in Hindi?

Meaning of heal in Hindi is : स्वस्थ होना

Definition of word heal

  • To make better; to revive, recover, or cure. (verb)
  • To become better. (verb)
  • health (noun)
  • To hide; conceal; keep secret. (verb)
  • To cover, as for protection. (verb)

Examples of word heal

  • Thou promisest to heal their waters, but _their miry places and standing waters_, thou sayest there, _thou wilt not heal_. [
  • The English word heal appears in this passage, as the Greek word iomai, meaning “cure.”
  • And we were able to give each other enough space to heal from the wounds we inflicted upon ourselves and each other.
  • For me, sharing my pain with the world is how I was able to heal from a lot of hurt in my life.
  • I am so encouraged to hear that it is helping people all across the country to heal from the ravages of child abuse.


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