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What is the meaning of have in Hindi?

Meaning of have in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word have

  • To possess, own, hold. (verb)
    अपने पास रखना, रखना, रखना।

Examples of word have

  • I know I have a personal interest in this being an editor but I *have* to take issue with the title here.
  • Homer: Uh, Lisa, the whole reason we have elected officials is so we don't _have_ to think all the time.
  • We have already discarded (I hope) It's (fill in a name) 's fault and Why the hell don't we have________!?
  • I have to add that I don't *have* to completely get a story, as long as I get most of it by the end, and as long as it's well-written.
  • You just have to wonder about the Anne Arundel KIPP school... after all, why would a charter *have* to close because it couldn't get more space?
  • Truly you have to read the books as it is impossible to write in a few words what it took me to write in three books about the coming 2012 cataclysm. 2012 is complex; only one-third of the worlds population will survive and it is the end of the world, the original creation in this universe…..have to read the books to understand.
  • I have a bad case of Dawn Phenomenon and *have* to eat breakfast or my blood glucose keeps rising.
  • But as someone who loved reading both _How the Irish Saved Civilization_ and _Fahrenheit 451,_ I have to say, you _have_ to go on teaching this stuff --- tell them it's up to them to preserve it! life_of_a_fool commented at 11:55 PM~