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What is the meaning of haute in Hindi?

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  • What haute couture means to me is Fashion as Art, and if we agree that perfume is or in certain instances can be Art as well, then the use of the term haute couture, or rather haute parfumerie, is fitting and justified.
  • There was recently a discussion in the comments to one of the posts whether the term haute couture can be applied to perfume, and if so, how.
  • The term haute couture literally translates to "high dressmaking" and the custom creations are among the finest in the world.
  • Despite the efforts of the French government, however, the label haute couture has been rather loosely used by some high fashion designers.
  • I regularly see the term haute, as in haute cuisine or haute couture.
  • Mahfouz says the tightening budgets of the Arab world has developed a new niche -- which he calls haute-couture light.
  • In Louisiana, "un avocat a terre haute" is a humorously pejorative term to describe a "Philadelphia lawyer," i.e., someone not schooled in the law who nevertheless has a legal opinion on every topic ...
  • Here's my take on Paris versus London - Paris is a supermodel in haute couture.
  • We see spices as a luxury for a medieval king’s ostentation, as a mummy’s deodorant, as the last word in haute cuisine.
  • She was a vision in Italian haute couture and, surprise, surprise, held court in the fluent Italian she had learned at Bryn Mawr.