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What is the meaning of haulage in Hindi?

Meaning of haulage in Hindi is : संवहन

Definition of word haulage

  • The act of hauling (noun)
    ढोने की क्रिया

Examples of word haulage

  • Perhaps the greatest saving is in haulage, that is, in the employment of the heavy electric locomotive.
  • However, record rainfall in Queensland state over recent months could severely hit profit over the second half of the year, the company said, and would likely cut one in every eight metric tons out of its annual haulage total.
  • Clive Warcup, for serv road haulage ind and charitable work.
  • A shining legacy The death of the owner of a haulage company seldom occasions an outpouring of national feeling.
  • This is serious in itself, with knowledge that freight haulage would triple on the Rail lines, if truck lines went down. lgl
  • "Softer volumes than normal are now expected for coal haulage for quarter four, with downside risk of continuing wet weather and uncertainty around final customer tonnages."
  • Mr. Hockridge said that a previous estimate of 15 million-20 million tons of lost coal haulage by the end of March could be updated to 25 million tons lost by the end of June.
  • Ainsley himself used to work in local industry, working for nine years as a haulage manager for Steve Gibson, who also owns Middlesbrough FC.
  • QR National is responsible for nearly 90% of coal haulage in Queensland's Bowen Basin , a region that accounts for around two-thirds of the global trade in hard coking coal used in steelmaking.
  • International traders are attempting to transfer to Railroads for freight haulage, and it is showing the serious lack of investment in the Rail lines.