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What is the meaning of harmonize in Hindi?

Meaning of harmonize in Hindi is : स्वर से स्वर मिलना या मिलाना

Definition of word harmonize

  • To be in harmonious agreement. (verb)
  • To play or sing in harmony. (verb)
  • To bring things into harmony, or to make things compatible. (verb)
  • To provide the harmony for a melody. (verb)

Examples of word harmonize

  • They also amalgamate our nations into greater groupings, each with its Rothschild controlled 'Central Bank', for their easier management - by them, of course, rather than by the rightful inhabitants of the various subservient countries, and raise - 'harmonize' - all our price levels.
  • Yet the name should harmonize with the spirit of the thing.
  • "harmonize" - the term used in explaining why some blogs have been removed from websites - sounds similar to the term for river crab.
  • Days later, the White House released its formal proposal that avoided the issue, proposing instead to "harmonize" regulation instead.
  • Chinese Web users frequently use "harmonize" as a euphemism for censorship.