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What is the meaning of harmful in Hindi?

Meaning of harmful in Hindi is : हानिप्रदता

Definition of word harmful

  • of a kind likely to be damaging; injurious (adjective)

Examples of word harmful

  • Chinese authorities have in recent months stepped up their already strict control of the flow of information online, including efforts this year to discourage the spread of what they term "harmful information" and "rumors"—words increasingly used for opinions and information not approved by the Communist Party.
  • Obama, opening the forum, took another shot a Republicans in Congress for what he called a harmful practice of putting party above country.
  • Hani Qawasmi, who had been considered a moderate civil servant acceptable to both factions, resigned due to what he termed harmful behavior by both sides.
  • "It became clear very quickly that really all this shampoo did was clean your hair and didn't put what they called harmful chemicals back into your hair," Sheldon told CBC Radio's
  • The Pope lamented what he called the harmful and destructive influence of some forms of modern culture.
  • Then we must ask why God needed to even bother with awkward designs like the flawed and ridiculously concocted ones we see in nature; why, for instance, did God give us skin as protection from germs and foreign particles, and yet not make us to thrive on what we know as harmful radiation?
  • (B2 is one of the few vitamins with which overdoses result in harmful effects).
  • Perhaps even more harmful is the stereotyping of marijuana smokers as lazy, dumb, slow, passive, apathetic, memory-challenged junk-food addicts.