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What is the meaning of hardiness in Hindi?

Meaning of hardiness in Hindi is : साहस से

Definition of word hardiness

  • The state of being hardy, especially (of a plant) of being resistant to cold or other environmental conditions. (noun)
  • hardihood; boldness; firmness; assurance (noun)
  • hardship; fatigue (noun)

Examples of word hardiness

  • N.E. HANSE., HORTICULTURIST, BROOKINGS, S.D. By the term hardiness is understood the capacity to resist against any special condition of environment.
  • On his own initiative, he launched himself on a course of self-improvement that bolstered the inner quality that positive psychologist Salvatore Maddi calls "hardiness."
  • It is also more disease resistant due to a looser cluster and has greater winter hardiness, which is critical for the Finger Lakes region.
  • The first was hardiness, which is noted when it is said that he went to the prince of the priests, and as the gloss saith, not called, but by his own will and envy that enticed him.
  • A similar effect will also be felt in the northward shift of what is known as the hardiness zones -- meaning that northern countries where allergies were once rare may no longer be as safe.


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