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What is the meaning of happiness in Hindi?

Meaning of happiness in Hindi is : सौभाग्य

Definition of word happiness

  • The emotion of being happy; joy. (noun)
  • Good luck; good fortune; prosperity. (noun)
  • Fortuitous elegance; unstudied grace; — used especially of language. (noun)

Examples of word happiness

  • They even laughed at the possibility of their former happiness and called it a dreamÂ… but the strange and wonderful thing was that though they had lost faith in their former state of happinessÂ… they longed so much to be happy and innocent once more that, like children, they succumbed to the desire of their hearts, glorified this desire, built temples, and began offering up prayers to their own idea, their own "desire," and at the same time firmly believed that it could not be realized and brought about, though they still worshipped and adored it with tears.
  • Children will profit from drill in and out of school in the science of avoiding offense and of giving happiness, but unless the categories -- _acts that give offense_ and _acts that give happiness_ -- are wide enough to include the main acts committed in the normal relations of son, companion, employer, husband, father, and citizen, those who set out to avoid alcohol and tobacco find themselves ill equipped to carry the obligations of a temperate, law-abiding citizen.
  • Patty at PerfumePosse had a great review of this where she wrote that it embodies happiness: a ..happiness that is complex and embraces all of life’s sorrow and joy.
  • * I get a big kick out of the lifestyle and design blog Oh Happy Day -- partly because it's fun to read, and partly because when I was starting my book "The Happiness Project" and this blog, a good friend insisted that the phrase "happiness project" sounded like too much work, so I should re-name my blog "Oh Happy Day."
  • In fact, the word happiness has to do with happenings or things that happen.


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