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What is the meaning of haleness in Hindi?

Meaning of haleness in Hindi is : स्वास्थ्य

Definition of word haleness

  • The state or quality of being hale. (noun)

Examples of word haleness

  • This medicine may be used for other purposes; request your haleness sorrow provider or pill pusher if you acquire questions.
  • I was mightily impressed by the haleness of the old men and women, which one rarely sees in America.
  • We perceive the old farmer on his door-step in the evening -- love and life-lines of labour upon him; we enjoy his haleness and laughter ....
  • This led to an interesting conversation, in the course of which Emerson said how much he had been everywhere struck by the haleness and comeliness of the English men and women; and then they diverged into a further discussion of the influences which air, climate, moisture, soil, and other conditions exercised upon the physical and moral development of a people.
  • They recently released a taut update, "The Line Up" Clean Feed, that affirmed the haleness of their rapport.


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