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What is the meaning of hairline in Hindi?

Meaning of hairline in Hindi is : बालों की बनी रज्जु

Definition of word hairline

  • the line along one's forehead where hair starts growing. (noun)
  • very thin, as thin as a hair (adjective)

Examples of word hairline

    • Since my hairline is receding as fast as snow on a sunny day, I have no room for crowing, but your man Alex Massie there should get a haircut and change photos.
    • Any man who would call his wife a filthy name, for commenting on a receding hairline is not someone who cares about women or their rights and hisSupreme Court nominees with reflect that.
    • Having a little skintone bleeding into the hairline is not uncommon for DC Direct busts, but it’s rarely as bad as it is here, where the whole underside of Superman’s trademark hair curl is painted in fleshtone.
    • It’s a brilliant showcase for both Nic Cage’s terrifying forehead (I think his original hairline is down around the small of his back these days), and Jerry Suckheimer’s patented brand of chase scenes + "comic" relief.
    • All of a sudden Mr. Lott’s petrified hairline is looking good to this old girl.
    • The only visible scar is the scar in the hairline, which is usually covered nicely as the hair grows and the child ages.
    • Perhaps it's my own hairline, which is more Bruce Willis (a South Jersey boy) than Bruce Springsteen (Central Jersey), but all I know is that my wait is over.
    • His hairline was a lot higher and thinner than Troblum was used to seeing even on External World citizens.
    • Protruding from just above her hairline were the two small homs that Frankie remembered so well.
    • It can sometimes cause soft-tissue injuries and stress fractures, also called hairline fractures, which result from the compounding of tiny cracks in the bone over time.