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What is the meaning of haemodialysis in Hindi?

Meaning of haemodialysis in Hindi is :

Definition of word haemodialysis

  • the use of dialysis to remove waste products from the blood in the case of kidney failure (noun)

Examples of word haemodialysis

  • In my mind I'm working out a low protein, low sodium diet and the cost of haemodialysis four times a week for a cat.
  • In the Free State, a patient with breast cancer would wait 6-8 weeks for surgery and another month for radiation, while a patient with kidney failure and needing haemodialysis might wait a year to obtain a place.
  • Prof B W J van Rensburg of the internal medicine department is at a congress on haemodialysis in the United States.
  • The transfer of 600 haemodialysis patients is an unprecedented event.
  • IDC currently treats over 8,200 haemodialysis patients, predominantly in central and eastern Europe and operates a total of 70 clinics in nine countries.


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