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What is the meaning of gut in Hindi?

Meaning of gut in Hindi is : साह��

Definition of word gut

  • The alimentary canal, especially the intestine. (noun)
  • To eviscerate. (verb)
  • Made of gut, e.g., a violin with gut strings (adjective)

Examples of word gut

  • Even the people defending voting for the Democrats on this turn of the wheel defend it as 'pragmatic', as though choosing to be stabbed in the gut is the pragmatic alternative to choosing to be shot in the head.
  • June 22nd, 2009 3: 51 pm ET this gut is a liberal clown and acted like a republican and cheated on his wife but he is not responsible because he is a hypocrite democrat.
  • Q: A writer has crafted a book he believes in his gut is a breakout novel: it has it all, including a unique setting, authentic characters, a captivating plot that unfolds in surprising ways, scads of conflict and more.
  • Chertoff declared he has what he called a gut feeling that this country faces a heightened risk of a terrorist attack.
  • The throaty cheer that emanates from the gut is the soundtrack.
  • WATSON: We're going to see more what I call gut punches, meaning that the ads are going to get sharper.
  • But because the threat remains at the level of a vague feeling—what I call a gut reaction—it can ruin everything.