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What is the meaning of gumdrop in Hindi?

Meaning of gumdrop in Hindi is :

Definition of word gumdrop

  • A small candy made with corn syrup, gelatin and some flavouring oils or powders. (noun)

Examples of word gumdrop

  • She had come to Fruit Chew Meadow for flavoring for the red gumdrop trees—and to visit Berry.
  • Mattia and Alice happen to be going to the same school, and Alice, systematically tormented by Mean Girls who could have come out of an American "After School Special," is made to eat a gumdrop that has been dragged through "balls of dust and tangles of hair," which doesn't help her anorexia very much.
  • MY WINNER: Michael Voltaggio's tomato gumdrop and bacon dippin 'dots -- surprising and delicious.
  • I bet the campus is in a grove of gumdrop trees and water fountains are filled with Ecto Cooler, too.
  • Gingerbread houses are fun to decorate, especially if you have a couple of kids or grandkids handy to help make some of the big design decisions, such as “should this gumdrop be red or green?”


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