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What is the meaning of grossest in Hindi?

Meaning of grossest in Hindi is :

Definition of word grossest

  • superlative form of gross: most gross. (adjective)

Examples of word grossest

  • Tyler, this is off topic but did you ever see that video on Rogan's blog that was dubbed the grossest ever?
  • With you, this would be termed the grossest ill-manners, but here custom has established it, if not necessary as fashionable.
  • He decided to show some signs of devotion to what he had been accustomed to call the grossest of superstitions; to reveal symptoms of latent Roman proclivities.
  • That deficits have arisen, and that the present disaster has occurred, is entirely attributable to a single cause, and that is, the grossest misgovernment.
  • How he took, as his vice president, a Machiavellian monster, and responded -- like LBJ after the Gulf of Tonkin -- with what can only be called the grossest stupidity -- thereby granting Osama bin Laden all he could ever have dreamed of in mounting his 9/ll horror -- is a chapter that was sad for an admirer of the American presidency to have to write.
  • yeah, dude. the grossest is the cersei and jaime. i know they're both hot but they are brother and sister! hotness does not excuse incest. and they have THREE kids. that is seriously back assward.
  • No country that has ever stood against Israel has survived ... not one ... and if Comrade Obama goes against Israel the the USA will self-destruct under the "grossest" liberalism the world has ever seen.
  • The grossest thing I'd seen all day was a pigeon eating some drunk kid's chunky red vomit off the sidewalk, until now.
  • Even as some of the grossest abuses may be reined in now in the wake of the financial meltdown, we should expect more sophisticated versions of those abuses to continue and use of online behavioral targeting is likely to remain and even expand as a tool for those predatory financial actors.