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What is the meaning of grinch in Hindi?

Meaning of grinch in Hindi is :

Definition of word grinch

  • A grouch or killjoy. (noun)
  • A person who aggressively sets out to ruin the Christmas holidays for others. (noun)

Examples of word grinch

    • Also, astute readers will notice that my list contains no mention of a certain grinch.
    • Staffer labelled 'grinch' over Xmas memo A DEPARTMENTAL officer was a "grinch" for writing a memo suggesting Centrelink and Medicare offices should not display nativity scenes at
    • This article ( "Sarah Palin, Dem greens 'grinch" -- POLITICO. com) nicely illustrates the Left's efforts to distract from the damning -- absolutely damning, revelations that leading global warming "scientists" were relying on deception and intimidation to promote their environmental agenda.
    • And a side note...the "grinch" cake...it looks more like Oscar the Grouch to me...
    • When I first saw the "grinch" cake I was thinking more along the lines of Oscar the Grouch.


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