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What is the meaning of grieving in Hindi?

Meaning of grieving in Hindi is :

Definition of word grieving

  • Present participle of grieve. (verb)
  • An act or instance of grieving. (noun)

Examples of word grieving

    • I know "normal" is not technically "whatever someone is" - it's more like, whatever's normal for you in grieving is normal for you in grieving.
    • If nothing, it is an interesting exploration in dealing with the process of grieving from a first person “in the moment” point of view.
    • My mother has a way of pushing me through anything and I know that after she dies, her words will echo in my head about how my grieving is silly and I should move forward and always do my best.
    • No need for long-term grieving when you know where your hope is.
    • This certainly is not good news to those still in grieving stage but it would be a saba
    • To care for a term newborn barely clinging to life while we support and assist the family to begin grieving and to say goodbye scarcely before they got the chance to say hello just breaks my heart.
    • I think the word grieving tells us a lot about not only what Casey knew, but what Cindy knew about what Casey knew.
    • Numb with shock, grieving from the images of the sending, Tris found that he could feel no fear.
    • We are so removed from so many of these things and our grieving is often done alone.