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What is the meaning of grieve in Hindi?

Meaning of grieve in Hindi is : शोका मनाना

Definition of word grieve

  • To cause sorrow or distress. (verb)
  • A governor of a town or province. (noun)

Examples of word grieve

    • The only thing that the fossil fuel industries grieve is a decline in profits.
    • To grieve is to be delighted with the snapshot prints and impulsively to order duplicates for Mother, only to remember that she died six months previously…and to say to the clerk, “Never mind.”
    • To grieve is to take two coffee cups from the cupboard in the morning, only to remember she left last month…and to have to put one cup back….
    • There are a lot of uncomfortable moments of people doing their best not to grieve, which is more disturbing than the high wails of most movie scripts.
    • White women were believed to "grieve" more than Black women forced into concubinage, raped, or enslaved in prostitution.
    • It was to address the psychological trauma, then newly labeled as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD], that haunted him and to help him "grieve" that much of his life had been blown away along with his face.
    • Gob Woodhull, an imaginary son of the real 19th-century feminist, spiritualist and free-love advocate Victoria Woodhull, loses his twin brother in the Civil War and builds a vast and elaborate machine whose purpose is to "grieve" so efficiently that it will bring all of history's dead back to life.