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What is the meaning of greit in Hindi?

Meaning of greit in Hindi is :

Definition of word greit

  • Alternative form of greet (to weep) (verb)

Examples of word greit

  • It's a gran 'thing to ken a lassie like yon, an' a gran'er thing yet to be allooed to lo'e her: to sit down an 'greit 'cause I'm no to merry her, wad be most oongratefu'!
  • B. Aleccain Tubalcain with out-state of Otto Attis 'greit' Spieling … Wis/o support
  • N3, The vseles morion shall On crooke hang by the wall. c1600 Diurnal of Occurrents (1833) 212 Ane greit number of hagbittis, corslattis and mirriounis, togedder with some vyne [etc.]. c1600 Hist.
  • Shadowz seem laik sky so it seems laik their on a volcano or so. greit piktur. lolzed me for sure.
  • Workshoppen var artig, endelig noe enkelt og greit på softwaresiden å bruke, og best av alt, ikke noe å installere eller vedlikeholde: Det enkleste er ofte det beste.
  • Sche allegeis, that sche, seing the defectioun of greit personageis, was compellitt to have recourse to the law of nature, and lyk ane small bird persewit, [964] to provide for sum sure retreitt to hir selff and hir cumpany.
  • For thay did not onlie convene to the preching, dailie supplicatiounis, and administratioun of Baptisme, bot alssua the Lordis Tabill was ministratt, evin in the eyis of the verray ennemy, to the greit confort of mony afflictit conscience.
  • In verray deid we unfeinzeitlie repent, that befoir this we tuik nott better ordour that thir murtheraris and oppressouris, quham sche pretendis to nureise, for oure destructioun, had not bene disapointit of that greit provisioun of victuallis quhilk sche and thay have gadderit, to the greit hurt of the haill cuntrey.
  • Edinburgh, for the redress of the greit enormyteis quhilk the Frensche did to the haill cuntrey, quhilk be thame was sua oppressitt that the lyfe of all honest man [952] was bitter unto him.
  • Ingland, thair intelligence than was persavit: yit hir Grace trestis the Quene of Ingland (lett thame seik as thay pleise) will do the office of ane Christiane Princes in tyme of ane sworne peax; throw quhilk force was to hir Grace (seand sua greit defectioun of greit personageis,) to have recourse to the law of nature; and lyk as ane small bird, being persewit, will provide sum nest, sua hir