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What is the meaning of greeter in Hindi?

Meaning of greeter in Hindi is : स्वागतकर्ता

Definition of word greeter

  • A person who greets people on their arrival. (noun)
    एक व्यक्ति जो आने पर लोगों का अभिवादन करता है।

Examples of word greeter

  • And for the first 20 years of this adventure, I was a "greeter" which required superior embracing and schlepping skills.
  • As a "greeter," the cheerful Betty Dukes is one of the first employees customers usually see as they walk through the front doors of the Wal-Mart store here.
  • When a black reporter recently ventured into a big Tea Party rally, a "greeter" confused the reporter for a stadium worker, stopping him stone-cold at the gate: "Are you working tonight?"
  • You know that, I know that, and if he does what conservatives want and can even find a minimum-wage "greeter" job with no insurance anyway all he would be doing is displacing someone with fewer skills who will have an even harder time finding a job.
  • (And hey, granolaheads, don't forget to flash a smile on the way out of the store at the "greeter" who can't afford to see a doctor.)
  • The dispute traces to 2001 when Betty Dukes, a Wal-Mart "greeter" at a Pittsburg, Calif., store, and five other women alleged sex discrimination in pay and promotions and sought to represent Wal-Mart workers nationwide.