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What is the meaning of greeted in Hindi?

Meaning of greeted in Hindi is : अभिवादित

Definition of word greeted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of greet. (verb)

Examples of word greeted

  • Palin greeted supporters at an event in Wasila, Alaska Friday as she winds down her tenure as governor.
  • Sigmund and the men on the bearskin greeted her as "Sipsu," with the customary "Hello," but Hitchcock made room on the sled that she might sit beside him.
  • "The uncomfortable silence [in England] with which David Lynch's Inland Empire has been greeted is really rather telling about current expectations of cinema," writes Owen Hatherley.
  • Saddam Hussein greeted me with a handshake, which, again to my surprise, is surprisingly soft considering how many people that hand had dispatched, allegedly.
  • Nevin greeted the Giants 'closer by launching a 3-2 offering over the left field wall for his eighth homer of the season.
  • Jose Offerman chased starter Mark Mulder with a leadoff triple before John Valentin greeted Jim Mecir with an RBI single to center.
  • In two clever bows Miss Ram without a word greeted George; indicated a chair.
  • Yet a sweeter song was never heard on a summer eve, than that with which the Robin greeted that early day, the Christmas morning of the year.
  • I am greeted by a lone man shivering in a corner, though perhaps the word greeted is too strong.