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What is the meaning of greaves in Hindi?

Meaning of greaves in Hindi is : जंघात्राण

Definition of word greaves

  • The unmeltable residue left after animal fat has been rendered. (noun)

Examples of word greaves

  • [Page 164] 'Tarena; but for "greaves," wearing no leg-armor themselves, they had no synonym.
  • They fastened their breastplates, in war, over their smocks, and had other armour covering the lower parts of the body, and leg armour called "greaves"; while the great shield which guarded the whole body from throat to ankles was carried by a broad belt slung round the neck.
  • Each hoplite was a proud citizen who could afford to equip himself with a bronze helmet, a thick breastplate, greaves to protect the legs, and an iron-tipped spear eight to ten feet long used for thrusting, not throwing.
  • Then you lace up the greaves to protect your ankles.
  • Treasures and trophies lined the walls in large unruly piles: crowns of gold; glittering jewels; goblets and chalices; swords and shields; bronze helmets and greaves.
  • Hundreds of maces, axes, daggers, swords, knives, and even a few pistols hung on the walls, as well as a collection of different kinds of armor, from greaves worn to protect the shins to full suits of chain mail.
  • His legs were positioned in a wide war stance, his body battle-ready, with a bronze cuirass and greaves.