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What is the meaning of grateful in Hindi?

Meaning of grateful in Hindi is : सुखद

Definition of word grateful

Examples of word grateful

  • Everyone of them show up "singularly" in my library on my computer, however, if I look at the list on my Ipod, I have numerous duplications, triplications, etc.. for example: Under the title Grateful Dead Closing of Winterland (4 CD's that I loaded myself) they show up in MANY different places on the Ipod.
  • He made a "List of Friends," which he classified as Grateful, Ungrateful, Indifferent, and Doubtful.
  • If you're interested in Grateful Dead scholarship, there's plenty to be found online.
  • Jerry Garcia discovered the name Grateful Dead in a dictionary.
  • The latest Grateful Dead product is a Monopoly-like board game called Grateful Dead-Opoly.