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What is the meaning of granola in Hindi?

Meaning of granola in Hindi is : ग्रेनोला
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Definition of word granola

  • Rolled oats mixed with various ingredients, such as dried fruit, brown sugar, and nuts, and used especially as a breakfast cereal. (noun)

Examples of word granola

  • The thing about granola is that sometimes it can get stuck in your teeth.
  • The only thing you need to do to prep your granola is to chop it into small pieces - chocolate chip or almond sized clusters - before mixing it in so that you get an even distribution of granola throughout the cookies.
  • I just used a plain granola (Cascadian Farms Organic Oats and Honey, to be specific), without any added nuts or dried fruits, so that I could really find the granola flavor in the finished cookies.
  • Stir in granola, chocolate chips and pecans until all are well-distributed in the dough.
  • Or I can just open up my Amazon app and I could type in granola and I could one-click it.

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