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What is the meaning of gracious in Hindi?

Meaning of gracious in Hindi is : स्वरूपवान

Definition of word gracious

  • kind and warmly courteous (adjective)
    दयालु और गर्मजोशी से विनम्र
  • expression of surprise, contempt, outrage, disgust, boredom, frustration. (interjection)
    आश्चर्य, अवमानना, आक्रोश, घृणा, ऊब, निराशा की अभिव्यक्ति।

Examples of word gracious

    • But, he actually went on to praise John McCain for giving what he called a gracious concession speech.
    • "I don't know whether I know how to give what you call gracious answers, doctor," said Mrs. Derrick pleasantly.
    • "There are teams that help other teams, even though in the finals they may be competing against one another, it's what we call gracious professionalism which is a core value," said Brig.
    • Ego: Gotta have it, but learning how to be gracious is helpful too.
    • Being gracious is obviously NOT something that Obama supporters understand.
    • Of course there was the part when Bilbo Baggins cut that lady's throat, but Depp wasted in the tub ranks a little higher on the gracious, is it me or is it warm in here? 'scale.
    • This was a sacrifice of expiation; and the reason why he was allowed to offer it on Mount Moriah was partly in gracious consideration to his fear of repairing to Gibeon (1Ch 21: 29, 30), and partly in anticipation of the removal of the tabernacle and the erection of the temple there (2Ch 3: 1).
    • With your spirit, that is, with you, the soul or spirit being the immediate seat of grace, whence it influences the whole man, and flows out in gracious and holy actings.
    • He had piped to us in gracious and merciful providences, mourned to us in calamitous, afflicting providences, and has set the one over against the other.