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What is the meaning of gotcha in Hindi?

Meaning of gotcha in Hindi is : पकड़ लिया
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Definition of word gotcha

  • Used to indicate understanding or to signal the fact of having caught or defeated another. (interjection)
  • A game or endeavor in which one party seeks to catch another out, as in a mistake or lie. (noun)

Examples of word gotcha

  • Besides, the term "gotcha question" is so out of fashion.
  • Some people are criticizing last night's presidential debate, including Barack Obama, who likened it to what he calls gotcha games.
  • The governor supporters say that's partly because she's been a victim of what they call gotcha journalism, and they say working class voters are firmly behind her regardless.
  • The Governor attacks what she calls gotcha journalism in her latest sit - down interview, a new interview.
  • I think that part of what we call gotcha journalism today -- the idea that the function of a reporter is to catch an official in a lie, in a some kind of minor misfeasance -- is partly the result of Watergate.

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