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What is the meaning of go in Hindi?

Meaning of go in Hindi is : होनाना

Definition of word go

  • Abbreviation of Gorontalo, a province of Indonesia. (proper noun)

Examples of word go

  • We've talked about taking such a trip for the last 10 or 15 years and we finally decided to go ahead and GO already.
  • He used to listen to what we said and when he heard the words "bite" or "go" or "you wanna" he would go apeshit, because YES, he wanted a bite, and YES, he definitely wanted to GO.
  • Evangeline will meet the winners of the lunch auctions in Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. 100% of the proceeds from the auctions will go to the GO Campaign, to fund projects in Rwanda.
  • Everyone wants to know how I planned this trip so maybe I'll give some details before I go if I have a few spare minutes. hi roseanne/denis -- looks like you guys are very organized and ready to GO -- keep us informed and we wish you a safe, exciting and memorable trip -- J
  • Those brave enough to go to work downtown on Friday or over the weekend won't face long lineups at Tim Hortons, and they'll definitely get the otherwise rare seat on the GO train or the streetcar.
  • Describing it as an attack on universities†™ autonomy, they threatened to go on strike if the rules are amended as per the GO.
  • Not only does Wagoner have to go but at least 3 / 4 of the Board of Directors at GM have to GO.