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What is the meaning of glut in Hindi?

Meaning of glut in Hindi is : भरमार होना

Definition of word glut

  • an excess, too much (noun)
  • To fill to capacity, to satisfy all requirement or demand, to sate. (verb)

Examples of word glut

    • But this is precisely what is meant by the term glut, which, in this case, is evidently general not partial ...
    • As we keep mentioning, the only glut is over-graded dreck.
    • Slow sales of electric cars or other plug-ins could easily lead to a near-term glut of charger sellers, said Mike Omotoso , a powertrain analyst with research firm J.D. Power and Associates.
    • That glut is only going to grow as more banks fail.
    • Meanwhile, Fortescue's biggest rivals, BHP Billiton Ltd. and Rio Tinto PLC, are expanding mines in the Pilbara, adding to fears of a near-term glut of iron ore.
    • That policy has created at least a short-term glut of equipment on the market.
    • We're now in the home stretch toward the 2008 holiday season, which means the traditional gaming glut is about to be unleashed on wallets everywhere.
    • * Perhaps one of the reasons for the inventory glut is that New Orleans 'professional class is discouraged by Nagin, Blanco and Bush's handling of the "recovery", and they are fed up and leaving (or just not returning).
    • We had a rare if not unheard of combination of apple blossom and calm storm-free weather, this means the fruit has set in glut proportions.