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What is the meaning of gliding in Hindi?

Meaning of gliding in Hindi is : ग्लाइडर उड़ान क्रीड़ा

Definition of word gliding

  • The hobby, sport, or act of flying a glider. (noun)
  • Present participle of glide. (verb)

Examples of word gliding

    • The flying membranes of bats and of pterodactyls were probably used in gliding before they were of any use in flapping flight, and, as Spurway has pointed out, small membranes along the sides of the body are found in some arboreal mammals which do not even glide, and these folds of skin render such animals more difficult to see by eliminating the shadows they would otherwise cause.
    • The best thing you can do is to fly within gliding distance of a river.
    • I imagined that soft voice moaning near my husband’s neck, the two intertwined with each other, skin gliding against skin, and the soft aroma of her perfume making him desire her more.
    • At the very least try tandem hang gliding, which is when an experienced pilot flies the glider with you.
    • The extra fold of skin that runs from their front legs to their back legs is called a gliding membrane.
    • Leaving balloons and various forms of gas-bags out of consideration, other experimenters, notably Langley and Lilienthal, antedated him in attempting the navigation of the air on aeroplanes, or flying machines, but none of them were wholly successful, and it remained for Chanute to demonstrate the practicability of what was then called the gliding machine.
    • Its motion was entirely noiseless, and might be called a gliding, were it not that it appeared that of a runner, but with ghostly feet.
    • Reassured, on his own account, but inwardly no little alarmed for his wife's health in these unusual circumstances, Boyd began to take off his boots with the idea of gliding safely into bed and pretending to be asleep before the wind had time to change.