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What is the meaning of glide in Hindi?

Meaning of glide in Hindi is : श्रुति

Definition of word glide

  • To move softly, smoothly, or effortlessly. (verb)
    धीरे, सुचारू रूप से, या सहजता से आगे बढ़ने के लिए।
  • The act of gliding. (noun)
    सरकने की क्रिया।

Examples of word glide

    • Cavic began his glide into the wall, arms out straight underwater, and Phelps made a split-second decision to take a fast half-stroke, although a glide is usually the more effective finish.
    • Adults flushed bird, turned him to me with missed shots, cock passed me in glide, and I brought him down.
    • Yet, I can hear a slight glide from the strong vowel to the schwa before the rhotic r is pronounced in these words in American English.
    • Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin glide through their first run before the crash.
    • I also assume you will dial back your risk over time as you near retirement, which is called a "glide path" in the IFA.com online tool.
    • And I would anticipate some type of - they are using the word glide for Citizens rates to go up.
    • One reason fund companies give for this "through" strategy -- that is, a glide path that invests "through retirement" instead of "to retirement" -- is that retirees are in danger of outliving their assets; the potential growth provided by equities is a way of managing longevity risk for decades, some fund companies say.
    • With visibility reportedly at less than half a mile at the time, a commercial aircraft typically would have been relying on an instrument landing system providing its pilots a so-called glide slope to help safely descend toward the runway.