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What is the meaning of glasswork in Hindi?

Meaning of glasswork in Hindi is :

Definition of word glasswork

  • Work, such as art, made from glass. (noun)
    काम, जैसे कला, कांच से बना।

Examples of word glasswork

  • So I'm getting more and more excited about the idea of spinning off a side business in glasswork.
  • Keeping our focus still on glasswork, I would now like to briefly turn your attention to the work of two others who operate within the modern context, but in a much different style from that of Tiffany.
  • Whatever scarce light came in from the church windows, painted glasswork reflections on his face.
  • Tiffany's ecclesiastical glasswork clearly has unique elements that make it distinct from its mediaeval and Victorian precursors -- though there is yet a clear continuity with them as well.
  • ALEXANDRIA ART MARKET Del Ray Artisans presents local work, including photography, glasswork, painting and pottery. 10 a. m.-4 p.m. First Saturday of every month through Nov. 6.
  • You also have stained glasswork in your house that either he or his father gave you.
  • (Soundbite of song, "White Sky") VAMPIRE WEEKEND: (Singing) The nation business, a modern piece of glasswork down on the corner that you walk each day in passing.
  • (Soundbite of song, "White Sky") Mr. KOENIG: (Singing) An ancient business, a modern piece of glasswork, down on the corner that you walk each day in passing ...