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What is the meaning of glass in Hindi?

Meaning of glass in Hindi is : शीशे की सामान

Definition of word glass

  • A surname. (proper noun)
    एक उपनाम।

Examples of word glass

  • And the parts of the Glass being solid, are more difficultly disjoyn'd; and the water, being somewhat similar to both, is, as it were, a medium to unite both the _Glass_ and the _Mercury_ together.
  • Katherine Lawrence and Marianne Schreiber, two women at Hewlett-Packard, used the term Glass Ceiling to to refer to invisible barriers that impede the career advancement of females.
  • Even though the term Glass Ceiling was originally specifically applied to discrimination against women, its meaning has expanded to describe similar situations of other collectives.
  • Julia Glass is at her best here, weaving a glorious tapestry of lives and lifetimes, of places and people, revealing the subtle mechanisms behind our most important, and often most fragile, connections to others.
  • Julia Glass is a master at creating vivid, believable places.
  • The third book, City of Glass, is out on shelves now -- I hope it doesn't take me another year for me to get around to reading that one.
  • City of Glass is the big finale in this YA fantasy trilogy.
  • "Look here, young man," Captain Glass rumbled threateningly at his mate.