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What is the meaning of gladness in Hindi?

Meaning of gladness in Hindi is : हर्ष

Definition of word gladness

  • The state of being glad; joy. (noun)

Examples of word gladness

  • And John Thompson told Jees Uck, with a certain gladness ill concealed, that Bonner would never come back again.
  • Tomorrow, repair to her at the old place and see what sign she maketh to thee; for indeed thy gladness is near and the end of thy sadness is at hand.
  • Shah went forth with her for a distance of three parasangs; after which he bade farewell to her and the Wazir and those with him, and returned to his home in gladness and safety.
  • And whether in gladness or in woe this is my prayer sincere –
  • When the clans heard in gladness his young fiery call
  • They joyed, but the tongue of their gladness is dumb.
  • Those whose souls are sorrowful in the Lord, who sow in tears and sorrow after a godly sort, need not question but that in due time their souls shall be joyful in the Lord; for gladness is sown for them, and they shall at last enter into the joy of their Lord.
  • Take joy and gladness from the plentiful field, and you take it from the land of Moab, v. 33.
  • If the wine fail from the wine-presses, that used to be trodden with acclamations of joy, all their gladness is cut off.