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What is the meaning of give in Hindi?

Meaning of give in Hindi is : हारना

Definition of word give

  • To transfer one's possession or holding of (something) to (someone). (verb)
    (किसी को) किसी के कब्जे या होल्डिंग को (किसी को) हस्तांतरित करना।
  • The amount of bending that something undergoes when a force is applied to it. (noun)
    झुकने की मात्रा जो किसी चीज पर बल लगाने पर होती है।

Examples of word give

    • Putting the animal out to grass for a couple of months will generally renovate the constitution and remove the tendency to hove; and after being taken up from grass, with a man in charge who knows what to give and _what not to give_, the animal may go on for a few months longer, and with great attention may at last prove a winner.
    • For not only do all the radioactive substances give off particles of helium gas positively electrified, but _all bodies, no matter what their composition_, can by suitable treatment, such as exposing them to ultra-violet light, or raising them to incandescence, be made to _give off electrons_ or negatively charged particles, and _these electrons are always the same no matter from what kind of substance they come_.
    • As I feel exonerated from the last charge, and being in a certain degree called on to give my evidence relative to 21st February last; and as the rank I hold in society will _give weight_ to my _testimony, with the witnesses_ I shall bring forward on the occasion, I feel justified in the steps I am about to take, nor can your
    • You give me the impression -- I do not say you mean it, I say you _give_ it -- of suddenly and without due cause or just im -- just opportunity, trying to _bounce_ me into taking you into partnership.
    • QUOTATION: To one that promised to give him hardy cocks that would die fighting, “Prithee, ” said Cleomenes, “give me cocks that will kill fighting.
    • He now sent a letter, offering to give Halonnesus to Athens, but not to _give it back_ (since this would concede their right to it); or else to submit the dispute to arbitration.
    • Yet if those to whom it is, or might be, would take it, -- if those who might give it, in many forms, _would give_, -- who knows what relief and loosening would come to others in the hard jostle and press?
    • I give you back your faith -- I _give_ you back your promises -- you have _taken_ back your heart.
    • No one living has any claim upon me: I can leave or give my own just as I please; and you and yours are, of course, my first objects -- and for the how, and the what, and the when, I must consult you; and only beg you to keep it in mind, that I would as soon _give_ as
    • _ Speech of Autolycus: — “Let me have no lying; it becomes none but tradesmen, and they often give us soldiers the lie; but we pay them for it with stamped coin, not stabbing steel; — therefore they do not _give_ us the lie.”