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What is the meaning of gift in Hindi?

Meaning of gift in Hindi is : सौगात

Definition of word gift

  • Something given to another voluntarily, without charge. (noun)
  • A talent or natural ability. (noun)
  • Something gained incidentally, without effort. (noun)
  • To give (as a gift) to. (verb)
  • To give away, to concede easily. (verb)

Examples of word gift

  • "Enjoy the gift of beauty with the deluxe fall gift* from Estée Lauder.
  • I realize in religious celebration one may use the term gift as in 'a Sacrament in the Church is a gift, whether it is Anointing of the Sick or Reconciliation 'for those who believe in God.
  • Renee, I simply do not think there is anything amiss with using the term gift when referring to the blessing of a baby.
  • Anonymous said ... the gift is the unwrapped box below ......
  • He recently sought permission from the court to sell off some possessions to pay his expenses, including a $40,000-to-$60,000 Andy Warhol print entitled "Liz," which he identified as a gift from the artist, glass frogs and other figurines, a presidential-inaugural medal collection and jewelry from his mother.


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