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What is the meaning of gibe in Hindi?

Meaning of gibe in Hindi is : हँसी उड़ाना

Definition of word gibe

  • A facetious or insulting remark; a jeer or taunt. (noun)
  • To perform a jibe (2, 3). (verb)

Examples of word gibe

    • Paddy Ashdown, a former leader of the Liberal Democrats who took part in the IPPR study, recalled the gibe by the late U.S. secretary of state Dean Acheson in 1962: "Great Britain has lost an empire and has not yet found a role."
    • To a thoroughly serious person, to a person like Lord Chesterfield (who was indeed very serious in his own way, and abhorred proverbial philosophy), or to one who cannot away with the introduction of a quip in connection with a solemn subject, and who thinks that indulgence in a gibe is a clear proof that the writer has no solid argument to produce, Fuller must be nothing but a puzzle or a disgust.
    • We have seen the kind of gibe with which Agricola's eloquence was greeted at Pavia.
    • They will be bold that may venture to break a gibe on the man-at-arms for the follies of the page; and I trust, that ere we return I shall have done something more worthy of note than hallooing a hound after a deer, or scrambling a crag for a kite’s nest.”
    • "I want to make the tax code so simple that even Timothy Geithner can file his taxes on time," he said, in a gibe at the current Treasury secretary, whose tax fumbles emerged during his confirmation hearings.
    • She did not dignify his gibe with an answer but instead remained focused on texting, her speeding thumbs a blur.
    • I did not weep; but I knelt down, and, with a full heart, thanked my guiding spirit for conducting me in safety to the place where I hoped, notwithstanding my adversary's gibe, to meet and grapple with him.
    • Miller R-Manassas on Thursday for making fiery claims about illegal immigrants and the law that VACOLAO says don't gibe with the facts.
    • But when speaking of expenses on Monday's earnings call, finance chief John Gerspach discovered a good way to get a gibe in at rivals: We don't have a great name for this.