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What is the meaning of genuflexion in Hindi?

Meaning of genuflexion in Hindi is :

Definition of word genuflexion

  • Alternative spelling of genuflection. (noun)

Examples of word genuflexion

  • NBC, CBS et al have been in the genuflexion mode since he began to run for the office.
  • Jacqui Smith: unconvicted dopehead over-promoted to the Home Office plans doomed genuflexion to the
  • We could even look at the removal of the most important priestly genuflexion in the entire Mass: the one between Consecration and Elevation.
  • A Freemason would remove that because it points to the fact that our Lord is present as the Host, whereas a postponement of the first genuflexion to after the Elevation suggests that the people come first: Christ is primarly present in them.
  • The master — to use the Italian phrase for persons of this description — approached the upper end of the room with a genuflexion like that of a Catholic to the crucifix, and at the same time crossed himself.
  • When a parson takes his lay friend over his church on a week day, how much less of the spirit of genuflexion and head-uncovering the clergyman will display to the layman!
  • This was no mere genuflexion to a shrine of taste and immorality, but the prosecution of his own legitimate affairs.
  • And he went into the church making a genuflexion as soon as he reached the door.