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What is the meaning of genital in Hindi?

Meaning of genital in Hindi is : जनन―सम्बन्धी

Definition of word genital

  • of, or relating to biological reproduction (adjective)
  • the genitalia (noun)

Examples of word genital

    • Father Ford said that the sperm starts down the brain, it goes into what he called the genital sac, and then it starts tempting.
    • And subsequently we could identify another one – that was HPV11, which was also in genital warts and laryngeal papillomatosis.
    • By the early 1980s they found novel viruses in genital warts.
    • The computer only registered a spike in genital temperatures while subjects watched pornography, and not the other films.
    • It is sometimes called the genital wart virus as some types of HPV cause genital warts.
    • The prospect of vibrators and lubricants can seem surreal in a society in which a recent government report found that at least 50% of girls between ages 10 and 18 have undergone genital excision, a procedure that some refer to as genital circumcision, in which part or all of the clitoris is removed.
    • Female genital surgery, or female circumcision (otherwise known as genital mutilation), was normative among Beta Israel women (Grisaru et al. 1997).
    • See Announcements for an account of the problems we had in 2000 with a gender dysphoria/transsexual organisation trying to interfere in protocols for 'gender reinforcement' surgery in intersexed infants with so-called genital ambiguity.
    • The tide is turning against female circumcision - aka genital mutilation - in Egypt by on