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What is the meaning of genial in Hindi?

Meaning of genial in Hindi is : हँसमुख

Definition of word genial

  • friendly and cheerful (adjective)
    मिलनसार और हंसमुख

Examples of word genial

  • But with his old history professor Henry Adams and other friends, Lodge was known as a genial host, and, when political bêtes noires did not rear their fractious heads, he could work considerable charm as a guest.
  • “You know,” he said to Eeyore, gearing up to his lecture in genial conversational tones.
  • Opening his eyes again he saw Davey Davidson standing by the bed, his expression genial, carrying a basket of I fruit.
  • There was a certain genial tenderness in this atmosphere that even in the hottest day of August the eastern coast never knows.
  • A very extended landscape, however genial, is also sober in its effect on the mind.
  • And in this area, Mr. Kishun, who emigrated from Guyana in the 1980s, won the nickname Uncle Jerry as a term of genial respect.
  • Leisure, saunterings through the great balmy pine forest, luxurious explorations of shadowy glens and valleys, full of exquisite varieties of wild flowers; the warm, dry, delicious climate which invited him to take his dolce far niente under the boughs of murmuring trees, outstretched upon a couch of brown pineneedles, as elastic as it was odorous, all promised to bring back his poetical enthusiasm, and to set in genial motion the half frozen springs of his invention and fancy.
  • Smith is known as a genial campaigner who has historically run ahead of the rest of the Republican ticket.
  • You could say, for example, that Schwarzenegger is genial, which is what people said about Reagan, but you could never say that that is his dominant characteristic.