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What is the meaning of geeing in Hindi?

Meaning of geeing in Hindi is :

Definition of word geeing

  • Present participle of gee. (verb)

Examples of word geeing

  • The leader, guided by the voice, "geeing" and "hawing," stopping and advancing at the word of command, is a white man's innovation, though now universally adopted by the natives.
  • a great deal of "geeing" and "hawing" and fuss, and then, instead of getting down, the farmer called out, --
  • England may well have had Gatland to thank for geeing up Hartley.
  • Having Montgomerie geeing you up is one thing, but having the iconic Seve Ballesteros whispering in the other ear is another altogether.
  • Indeed as dad began geeing her up for the match, I started to feel more and more like the odd one out.
  • I pull the window washer's cap down over my eyes and pretend to be squee-geeing.
  • We’d put up with a lifetime of Cameron mourning if the alternative was shagging that has-been – even if Kriss Akabusi was geeing us on from the sidelines, which he almost certainly would be.
  • To him Mr. Touchwood called loudly, enquiring after his master; but the clown, conscious of being taken in flagrant delict, as the law says, fled from him like a guilty thing, instead of obeying his summons, and was soon heard hupping and geeing to the cart, which he had left on the other side of the broken wall.
  • “The regiment is somehow got back,” wrote Thomas Lackland in Homespun; or, Five-and-Twenty Years Ago, an 1867 novel, “by geeing and hawing … while he ‘gees’ and ‘haws’ the yoke of cattle.”